Jun 12 2010

Spoleto (8 of 8)

Wow, Spoleto has come to an end already.  I had a wonderful opportunity to see a lot of great shows.  Tonight my finale was a ballet “Giselle” performed by the National Ballet of Georgia.   It was excellent! 

Here is some things I noticed tonight.   First there were a lot of really tall people at the performance.  Most of the time I am about average in height to those around me, but tonight I was really felt out of place.   Lot of patrons were towering over me.  Now I know how Dr. Ruth feels. 

For some strange reaion, there were also lots of  ladies at the show, and the average age was much less than at the Beethoven concert.    Young, good looking, tall people go to ballets…  interesting.

I think the reason all the young gals were at this performance was to check out the dancers.    I dont think the male dances know what a “cup” is or maybe they dont even wear underwear beneath there VERY tight and revealing tights.  Talk about tight buns and  packages.

It was hard for me to watch some of the dances without doing some quantifable comparison checking.    I an’t got nothing to worry about for sure….  Of coarse the male lead dancer seemed to have a the largest well  anoyance.     Hum, maybe when you are the male lead, you can stuff more junk down the front of your pants to impress the tall young gals.    Anyway, for the second half I sat up in the balcony, a little further from the stage and really enjoyed the show with a few less distractions.

What I found most interesting was how the performance seemly like a silent move.   I did not ready the program before the show, so I had no idea what the first act was about.    Through the music, pantomiming on stage and facial expression, I basiclly knew  what was going on and upon reading the program during intermission, I was right on.  It was fun and I really enjoy it ..with the exception of the guy thing….