Jun 06 2010

Spoletto (6 of 8)

Tonights performance was at Gaillard for a symphony.  Featured was Beethoven, Mozart and Wagner.  It was a great performace!  I espeically like the sympyhony #8 by Beethoven as it is not one of his more famous one (like the 7th) and not played as often.  Very good.

Jun 06 2010

Spoleto (5 of 8)

This afternoon’s show was an add-on for me.   A few years ago I saw a marionette show of a prince fighting dragons to save his love on stage, and I was offered an opportunity to see Cinderella by The Colla Marionette Company of Italy.  It was terrific.   I was mainly fascinated by the movement, expression and operation of the puppets.  There was a live 6 piece orchestra and about 15 artists who made the puppets move.   I can just imagine the public enjoyment Cinderella being performed like this in the 1700’s and how fancifully it must have seemed.  Like someone today going to a movie. 

Lots of kids laughing, fun music, interesting costumes made this event my favorite so far.     Next year I will plan to see all the productions by this amazing stage company if I can.  After the show, patrons were allowed to go behind stage to see the overall operation.  What fun!