Jan 13 2010

Cooling Inlet Design

Today was spent working on the cooling system inlet design.  After making a few plugs I wasnt happy with, I turned to AutoCad to model it on paper before building.  It is so much easier when you can see exactly what you’ll end up with before you start.  I really do need to start learning 3D model.  It would make my life much easier.

Initially I started out with a few hot wire cut pieces.

Pat was happy with this design, but I was not.    I am not comfortable with a funky NACA scoop instead of the tried and true ram air inlet.   The current plan is to first make a ram air inlet, then add the ramps (so Pat is happy) and if things don’t work out, I’ll have a fall back position.  Chop off the ramps and I am back to ram air!

This is a pdf file of the cowl design/cooling system design I came up with.  It is as tight to the engine as I could make it (1/2″ clearences over the spark plugs and plentum box).   

cowl design  1

Tomorrow, I’ll glass the inlet tube I made, then start working on the ducts.  Much to do, much to learn.