Apr 02 2010

Talking To Myself

I have decided to start wearing an Bluetooth headset all the time.  You see, I have started to enjoy talking to my self.  My grandmother used to do it (how weird I thought).  She would carry on  a conversation with an imaginary friend and seemed to enjoy it.   In my generation (from the viewpoint of a young child) only mental ill people carried on complete conversations with themselves on a regular basis.    For years, this concept has firmly been embedded in my psyche.

Strangely, I am now finding that an imaginary friend is a terrific friend!  Doesn’t bother you much, never calls, thinks you are one heck of a smart guy  and good looking too!   Keeps your confidences and is always ready for a good chat.

The trouble with imaginary friends is normally you end up just talking into the air with no one around.      Ten years or so ago, whenever I noticed someone talking to themselves it brought reminisces of my grandmother.   How weird I thought until I noticed they had a wired headset wire connected to a cell phone or a Crackberry. 

“Now”, everyone just wears their fancy Bluetooth headset, having a pleasant conversation with someone over a cell phone saving their brain from supposedly dangerous cell phone radiation.   My generations view of talking to ones self  is out, long live the physiologically brain safe  Bluetooth.

“Now”,  everyone has gotten used to this “talking to ones self ” look and some take great pride in their Bluetooth appliance.  Big, small, red, black, gray, silver.    I have even seen some custom painted.  

“Now”,  it is quite normal to see young and old, talking to some imaginary friend who just happens to be real at the other end of a Bluetooth conversation.

In my case, I’ll use the Bluetooth headset to eliminate the real friend and have  terrific conversation with my  imaginary friend.   I’ll look hip and contemporary with my over sized Bluetooth turned off, stuck prominently in my ear, chatting way and looking quite normal for all the “Now” generation to see ……..