Feb 15 2011

Gold mine

After skiing for two days, I wanted to do something different today.  I decided to drive back over the pass to Idaho Spring, Co.

Idaho Springs was famous for the discovery of gold in the 1800’s.  A big tourist draw is Argo Gold Mine.    Construction begin in 1893 of the Argo Tunnel which took 17 years before it would reach Central City, over 4.5 miles away. The tunnel would provide water drainage, ventilation and economical transportation of the gold bearing ore from the many mines it would intersect along the way.

The Argo Mill was constructed to process the gold bearing ore from these mines.  Now it is just is a tourist spot with lots of really cool old equipment outside

A tunnel train.

Some really old equipment.

Unfortrunately, the freaking place was wasnt open!  I knocked on the door but the gentlemen who met me said they were having sewer problems and the place was closed.  Shit.

A quick visit to the town, a Starbucks coffee and I was ready to drive back to the condo.  Bummer.