Jul 20 2012

Detroit sight seeing

Today was spent sightseeing.  The first stop was Elizabeth Park with my sister.  It is located on the Detroit River close to where my plane is parked.  There are some beautiful arched concrete bridges in need of repair.   Beautiful

The park is also hosting tunnel boat races this weekend. “Roar on the River” it is called.   The boats are powered by standard (unmodified) outboard motors with a number of classes.  When I talked to an owner, he said the race boats are all mostly the same and it really comes down to the drivers.  At the end of the race the boat is weighted and you are disqualified if your boat weighs under 700 lbs.  So it takes careful fuel planing to ensure you are not disqualified after winning a race.    It will be fun to see them in the water tomorrow….

Very cool looking and inexpensive too.

While driving around with my nephew today, it was crazy to see beautifully restored homes right next to

homes that need to be “upgraded” just a little bit.  There is a LOT of blight in this city.

While walking around my sister’s condo complex I saw these need yard sculptures made out of bowling balls, golf balls, golf clubs and bowling pins.  Dont you just have to have one in your yard?

Dinner at home with family… nice