Nov 10 2012

CHB4 Reunion

In August of 1989 I was activated by the Navy Reserve to serve in Operation Desert Storm although it was not called anything at the time. I was a sophomore at the Citadel pursuing my degree. The Citadel was great about refunding me the tuition for the year and even my book costs with the promise that I could return as soon as I was done serving. Anyway, my 7 months in Spain, Italy and Grease make for story, at a later time perhaps.

This CHB4 was the Cargo Handling Battalion 4. Were sort of mobile stevedores. Moving bombs, bullets, trucks and tanks. After spending some time with the battalion, it is nice to catch up on stories and remind those of forgetful memories the funny experiences and embarrassing moments..

It was great just exploring Myrtle Beach. I ran across a olive oil store which unsurprisingly was called “The Olive Shoppe”. I always wanted to check out a good oil store after hearing a great story about oil oil on NPR.

I read there is a lot of differences among different brands of oils. This store didn’t have some much an assortment of world oils as specialized in flavored oils and flavored balsamic vinegar. Oil oil with a hint of garlic, oregano, blood orange, habanero, black pepper, rosemary, lemon, etc. The balsamic vinegar has such flavors as orange, mango, cinnamon peach, strawberry. The hostess paired oils with vinegar’s in a taste testing frenzy. Different combinations as if you would use it for a glaze on meat or for a salad dressing I went oil CRAZY. Ended up with 3 different olive oils and 4 balsamic vinegar’. Oil: Basil infused, Garlic and Lemon. Vinigars: Blackberry, Orange mango Passon Fruit, and finally, Orange. Salads are going to be interesting!


This is thee CHB4 Officers and Chiefs


The group.