Jul 20 2010

Starting reassembly of the interior

Reassembly of the interior was started.   This takes a huge amount of time, because it is the final assembly.  Everything must fit properly, screw lengths and lock nuts be be properly fit.  I am installing all new hardware (nuts/bolts) and shining up the aluminum parts for that new plane look.  It is finally starting to look like a real plane!

It is great to work without an instrument panel installed.  It makes getting around the  interior fitting the parts so much easier.

Here you can see the heat duct running down the port side with the alt hold servo installed.  Brake system…DONE.

This is a good shot of the front seat heater control door, the Grand Rapids gyros to the right and the landing gear system cover.    Heating system…DONE.

The HID light install …DONE as well as the fuel system with the new Andair fuel selection valve.   Cabin fuel system ….DONE.

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