Oct 18 2010

CHT wiring trick

There is not a lot to show you when wiring a plane.  Maybe a jumbo of wire, then everything neatly organized.    Here is a little trick I have been using for installation of CHT’s and EGT’s.

You have to connect the probes up to the readout equipment.  Normally, one uses ring connectors or 1/4″ push on connects as most do.  I think they are bulky and unnecessary. 


What I like to do is to do an inline splice with a sub-D barrow pins.  Just put pins on the wires, put heat shrink over them to hold them together and you are done.  After heat shrinking the junction, I always heat shrink the two wires together as a pair.  It make a great connection, there is very low voltage through the joint and since the sub-D pins are gold they will last the life of the plane. 

These joints makes the wiring  job not only look better, but are very compact.

The stbd side of the engine is done.

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