Nov 13 2010

Off to Myrtle Beach

Today was a VERY busy and interesting day for me.    After prep’ing the plane in the morning, I stopped by Jack Wilhelmson’s house at 1 pm.  Scott (his son) was married to woman he met on the internet a year or so ago (she was lived in St Louis).  Afer the decision was made, she moved to Charleston, immediately found a job and it is just amazing how well they get along.  Another internet success story. 

Scott was married in Jack’s back yard with just a few friends and family in attendance.

The happy bride and groom!

After the wedding, I stopped by Mariner’s Cove for their annual oyster roast/party  (2:30 pm).  I wanted to see Mike (my buddy) as he was organizing the event.  He is a great cook and I love stopping by his house when I am so lucky to be invited.    I had to leave before it really got busy.

At 3:30 pm, I took off for Myrtle beach for the annual reunion of Navy Cargo Handling Battalion 4 (dinner at 5 pm).    Flying is sooooo much faster than driving.  It only took 35 minutes of relaxing flight time to get there instead of 2 hrs of boring driving. 

NCHB-4 is the military unit I deployed with during Desert Storm/Desert Shield over 20 years ago.  We were overseas for 8 months. 

I can’t imagine it has been that long ago, boy how time flies.    Needless to say, it took a bit of time to start putting name/faces together.  What amazed me is at first I didnt recognize many of my shipmates, but as the night progress memories of them started re-emerging.    I really enjoyed the comradely and will certainly go again next year.

I stayed at the the Palace Resort right on the beach…..

This is Tom Bruder.  He sold me Sherman (my WVO car).    While talking to him I found out he has been following the blog to keep track of his old car.

A brisk walk on the beach Sunday morning

and it is off to the airport for a quick flight home…

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