Dec 05 2010

Roofing Day 4

I am now in day 4 of the roofing job.  What a PITA!  The only good thing about this roofing job is I’ll never have do it again.  With 30 year shingles, I’ll be in a nursing home drooling on myself the next time this roof will need to be redone.    I wanted to do it myself because I know it will be done right and will last.

The temperatures have been in the 50’s the last few days and surprisingly it has been great to work outside.  I thought it might be a bit too cold but have been loving it.    The next few days are going to be brutal though.  Tomorrows high is 51 with lows in the 20’s which is rare here.  Basically, late January-February Charleston weather.    Hopefully, by the end of the week temps should return to normal December 60F high and 45 lows lows. 

After completing the prep work on the upper roof, the repitching of the back of the house has been started. 

Getting ahead of the game.

Scaffolding is staged for the cripple wall and the work on the upper soffits.

Tomorrow the shingle arrive.  We are not totally ready for them, but…ready enough.

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