Dec 06 2010

Roofing Day 5

Today is supposed to be the coldest of the week with a high of about 45 f.  Tomorrow will be a bit warmer with a high of 47 f.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad to work in.  When I asked Tony what he thought of the weather, he just said, “In England it would be just this cold and rainy too.  You just work between the rain showers”.  I guess we are lucky because it is sunny here.

The back is coming along nicely.  All the rafter are up.  The walls are up and tomorrow it will have the roof decked.   Then we can move onto the side and front of the house.

Tony is doing the final stripping on the front side.

The shingles were delivered today.  The truck drove up the front yard because the driver was concerned he would crack my driveway.  I didn’t realize it but the truck alone weighs in at 40,000 lbs. It left 3″ deep tracks in the front yard.  I built the drive way extra strong to prevent cracking, but I dont think it would have stood up to this bruiser.

As soon as he pulled in the front yard, my water line sprung a leak.   Apparently the freaking waterline is buried 6″ deep where his tires rolled across and part of the line was on a root.  The weight of the truck caused the tube to crack right at the root (sheared it off).  It took about an hour to repair mainly because I couldnt get the water properly stopped.

The picture above was the last one my camera will ever take.  It was REALLY hectic with the shingle going on top of the house and my ruptured water line an apparently I set the camera on back of the truck.  I knew the camera was missing and searched everywhere for it couldn’t find it.   I eventually gave up, knowing it would eventually turn up somewhere.

I drove off to Home Depot for repair parts and 20 minutes later was in the front yard working on the leak an heard a crunch as a car drove by.    Hum, I wonder what he hit?   Walked over to check it out and there in the street was the remain of my beloved camera.   Surprisingly, the memory card was ok.

Another causualty of the roof job (along with the top of my attic fan and a broken broom.    I wanted to eventually replace it with a ultra compact camera.   I guess now is the time…..

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