Jan 14 2011

Dusting at Sunset

I would NEVER recommend dusting at sunset.   The effect of the sunset seems to amplify and highlight dust, hair, crumbs almost anything close to the surface.

When finishing a plane, I always shine light parallel to the surface to highlight imperfection in my finish work, and just noticed at sunset the angle of the sun has the same effect.   If you ever want to find a nut, washer or an earring just shine a flashlight parellel to the floor and you’ll instantly spot the item.

As I was cleaning tonight with the sun setting, I found those prolific dust bunnies have been breeding everywhere!   Where do these dam dust bunnies come from?

Sadly, my dust bonny killer was Rosie (the Rooba iRobot ) died on me.  She did a fabulous job sweeping under everythings whacking those bunnies into submission.  Her ticker finally (battery) gave out.

The good news is I found a replacement robotic floor vac which is supposed to be even better than the Rosie!    NEW Technology too!   This one uses lasers to map a room out and then cleans in straight line grid pattern.   VERY efficient and fast.   It even remembers rooms layouts too!     Rosie would just randomly run around bumping into everything with no plan like some women do.   This new vac is definitely a mans, man vac.

Better get back to rooting out those bunnies.  They are mating as I write and the sound is deafening.

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