Jul 20 2009

Annual on Tweety

Not much to report today.  I worked on Tweety to complete the annual inspection.  I decided to replace the nylaflow tubing with 1/8″ SS tubing.  I was tired of the leaky nature of nylaflow.  You can see the fire stop tubing is just covered with oil and it is time to stop the mess.  After replacing the brake lines on PPod (Pats Project) and seeing how easy it is to work with SS I just wanted to get rid of the plastic crap in my plane.  I also ran into a slight problem rebuilding the Matco master cylinders which required me to order some replacement parts from Matco. They will be here on Thursday.   I am leaving on Sunday for OSH so I have to get the plane done soon! 


I have always been concerned with back seat stick getting jammed and thus losing the ability to control the plane.  When I came up with the idea of a removable rear stick with a safety cover over it, I found I wanted to put one in my plane.  Using some blue wing foam, I made a block,  put it in place on the plane and hollowed it out where the stick attaches.   I tried covering the mold with metal foil tape as an experiment to make it reusable.  Normally I would use duct tape, but I want to use a couple of more times to make covers for PPod and the Toad (Toan’s plane). 


I did get a chance to glass the inside of the arm rest. 


The access door is now closed up with foam.  I ran a wire chase out of AL tubing to be sure I dont cut into them when I install the rotary lock. 

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