Feb 11 2011

Skiing at Winter Park, Co

Friday,  I flew to Denver to do some skiing and get away from Charleston in a NON-aviation vacation.  I had a great time and some terrific memories! 

Flying into Denver was a real treat.  I have read about the fabric roof on the main terminal but had never seen it.  What a great design!   Of coarse the engineer in me had to check out the support columns, stress points, tensioning systems, etc.  I just cant help myself.

The highlight of my trip was getting up early on Saturday morning for a 3 hr drive from Winter Park to Greeley Colorado where Lee Devlin lives.  It is a beautiful drive over a mountain pass and through the city of Denver.

Although there was snow on the ground, the temperature of Greeley was in the 60’s.  It was amazing how comfortable it was.  Lee has the most incredible house with a huge solar panel on the roof.  Lee told me he hasn’t paid an electric bill in over 2 years. 

Of coarse we had to visit his project to see how it is going.  Nice work Lee.

A great meal at a TexMex restaurant, lots of margaritas Saturday evening, and early Sunday morning it is back to Winter Park to prepare for skiing on Monday.

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