Feb 20 2011

Trip to Miami

Friday, I flew back to Charleston and immediately after returning on Saturday morning, Tony and I flew down to Miami to check out another Mercedes I found on craigs list.  

It is another 1999 Mercedes, E300 Turbo Diesel.  The owner held the car for me while I went skiing.   This one had 50,000 miles less than the my first one I purchased two weeks ago.   The only difference between the two cars is this one has tan leather (in absolutely perfect condition) and the first one had gray leather AND there is less rust on the the body.  

There are a number of little items I have to get checked out when I get it back to Charleston.   There seems to be a rough idle, the trunk opener doesn’t work from inside the car and both rear windows are non-functional.  Most of the stuff is easy enough to fix. 

After buying the car and leaving Tony behind to spend the weekend in Miami visiting buddys and drive it back up to Charleston, I few up to visit Jerry in Tampa.

After spending a great day visiting with Jerry and Debbie, I spent the night in the “Elvis Room” and early Sunday morning it was off to visit with Ed and Sue just north of Tampa and a quick flight back home.

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