Mar 22 2011

Hull wiring done!

Finally the fuselage wiring is done!  Today the rats nest of wires in the magically disappeared into an organize mess (lots) of wires. 

It is truly amazing to me the number of wires and it is my great hope that all work as planned (or at least be easy to trouble shoot.  

I have removed the temporay tie wraps,  installing the permanent ones to get ready for the big day tomorrow.  I’ll be installing the instrument panel for the FINAL time.  It is finally time to “marry” the panel to the plane.  I think I should have a big ceremony and eat a cup cake with a candle on it.  Shortly power will be applied to the bird and she will start to come to life!  Cant wait.

Stbd Side

Port Side

Currently, I am have about 60 pages of wiring diagrams.  Boy, talk about time consuming!  Each one has to be reviewed, installed, corrected, rechecked numerous times.   On the flip side, I can already see the need for the documentation as I forget what I have done from day to day.  Just too many wires.

It is easy to image me or anyone trying to fix the wiring 5 years from now thinking how great it is to have detailed records of the installation. I have also drawn wiring harnesses into the paperwork to record where the wires go.    

This is a pdf of  Pg 56 if you wish to check out.  It is the harness for the Noselift system.

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