Sep 29 2011

The Last Dinner with my baby….

Tonight was THE last dinner with my special gal and am filling a bit down.

On  March 25, 2009, a little girl arrived in my world.   What a mess she was!   Nose broken, out of shape and generally in need of a new life, a new personality.

After 2569 hrs of careful restoration and upgrade she is now moving away to California to live with a Doctor.


I knew she had to leave home sometime and like most parents, I couldnt wait until she moved out and was on her own.   Now that she is is leaving me and I just cant help but remember all the good times we spent growing, changing, improving and learning together, Yes I am a bit sad but happy too.  Tomorrow, she will be winging her way across the USA on a short vacation, to finally end up in Los Angles, where she will meet up with the new man in her life..

She’ll be gone, but having more fun, traveling, seeing new and wonderful sights than she ever would with me.   He’s a professional man who only really knows her via the internet, but he is well established with the financial resources to treat her like a lady and keep her in a lifestyle I could only wish for.  I can’t help but be jealous of him and the wild and crazy things he’ll do with my baby, but also understand that sometimes I just have to let go.

I’ll see her off at the airport tomorrow morning, never to return to my home.   At least I can fly to L. A. occasionally to visit her.

Yes, it tears at my heart but I always knew the day would come when  I would have to give her up.

I couldn’t ask A better home or better man for her to go to……

Go with my love,

Your Daddy


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