Aug 07 2012

Portland – > San Fransico

When I headed out to the airport for my next leg to San Fran on (tuesday 8/7), the area was IFR (300 ft).

After taking off, I broke out at 3000 ft and it was nice and clear on top. ATC had me climb to 13,000 ft as this leg took me right over the center of the Cascades Range with a 30 kt headwind.
Mt Hood


Mt Jefferson



Again while there were great views of the mountains I was flying over totally inhospitable terrain. Crap, not again. Flying the victor airway sure puts you in crazy situations. I was nervous but am getting a bit more comfortable with this type of flying. I later found out most of the locals just follow the interstate as it keeps you out of the mountains, and I could have probably gotten below most of the headwind.
I did take the opportunity to fly past Crater Lake.

What a terrific view from above! After 2.5 hrs and clearing the mountains, it was a fast decent to Petaluma (069) airport (just north of San Fran) and as I pulled up to the parking apron I found 4 other canard parked there. Wow, it was like a convention! Tim Andres, Jon Dembs, Don Denhard and David Viglierchio all flew in to chat and have lunch.

It was a great visit at a really nice airport! Thanks guys for stopping by.
After lunch it was my nickel air tour of the San Fran harbor to overfly Treasure Island,



The Embarcadero


and finally the Golden Gate bridge


I left San Fran area and headed sour down to to Ried Hillview (RHV) to stay with Charles Furnweger who is building a cozy 4 with a ROTARY ENGINE. Ouch not another one…
Since he already had an engine on a test stand it was best to just let him discover the joys of engine development on his own. Time to head out to dinner and get ready for some fun tomorrow.

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