Apr 19 2013

Test drive of a Tesla electric car

Today I had an opportunity to drive a Tesla electric car. It is incredibly beautiful, can go 250 miles on a charge. This car is changing the worlds attitude on the future of electric cars.


The interior and features are amazing. It has a 17” display in the center console to monitor all function of the car.


I really enjoyed the experience. I found the car to have terrific acceleration, really quiet but with just a slight whine. Overall, a nice experience.

I told the sales lady I wanted to buy one (the current price is about $110,000). She got really excited and asked me when I would like to pick it up. I said, “in about 10-15 years”. She wasn’t as excited then…

A new Tesla is unaffordable for me, and I can’t justify the price when my current car gets 41 mph on the highway. The payback period would be …well, I couldn’t live that long. I love my Benz, it is almost as quite, and has lots more features then the Tesla. I would still give the Benz up if it was a smart move, but alas it is not.

My plan is to wait 10-15 years and when the battery pack wears out on a nice car, buy it then. No one with the resources to buy a new Tesla would every replace the battery pack of a 10 year old car to get another 10 years of driving out of it. THey would just buy a new one and sell the car.

I’ll be able to buy a used one one very cheaply, replace the battery pack myself (about $10-14,000) and get the car of my dreams at a price I can live with.


I sure would look good in one, but now now!

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