Sep 15 2013

Pictures of Charleston

Today I mostly spent time with my camera taking pictures of Charleston. I wanted to try out a few different camera lenses and playing.

This is an enormous Citadel class ring at the campus of the Citadel. It is the neighborhood of 5 feet tall.


They must have the boys out there every day shining this puppy.


Established in 1680, St. Philip’s Church, the mother church of Anglicanism in the Carolinas, is the oldest Anglican congregation south of Virginia


The market street area a great place for horse tours.


Circular Congregational Church of Charleston, SC was founded in 1681 and is one of the oldest continuously worshipping congregations in the South.


Washington Square, located at the corner of Broad and Meeting streets, is one of the city’s premiere parks. This historic location is home to Charleston City Hall, renovated within the last few years.



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