Jun 19 2009

Exhaust Welding

Today was a fun day.  I changed the EGT probes from the original Grand Rapids supplied ones to a weld on boss type.  I HATE hose clamps.  Would you buy a Lexus if it had stuff  hanging all over the place hose clamps…. Yuck!  Had to go.

The Hewitt Industries type is made of Monel instead of some other material (inconel and SS).  They are guaranteed for life and the Monel WILL NOT deteriorate over time ( and I run mogas whenever I can).  Good stuff.  Beside did I say they didn’t have hose clamps?

This is how it looked when I started…


After removing the camps the area needed to be buffed up prior to welding.


Whenever you weld SS, you should back purge the pipe so the inert Argon gas is on both sides of the welded area (since it has a big hole).  Not doing so causes a oxygen rich weld on the other side and weakens the bond.  Covering the ends of the pipe with tin foil is a good trick to pug it up.  Insert the purge tube in the other end and its good to go.


Welded… not bad for an armature.


Looks beautiful with out a hose clamp….  The Lexus look.


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