Feb 17 2010

Snow in Charleston!

We had a historic snow fall in Charleston on Feb 12th.  A record 3.5 inches!  The first time it has snowed since 1989.  It was incredibly beautiful but unfortunately, gone by noon Saturday morning.  I would really enjoy a good snow every year!    


 The baffling is now done.   This is a picture of all the parts (45 ea) which is used for downdraft cooling that I removed from the plane.  Total weight was a little over 4 lbs.     


The is the new cooling system.  The part count is 24 pieces, and total weight is 2 lbs.  I am very pleased with the way it turned out!    


As installed on the plane    


I am now working on the inlet ducts.  Here is the port duct being fit into position.    The duct is covered with duct tape prior to glassing.    


The Port duct is glassed.  I will glass the stbd one tomorrow.    

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