Apr 01 2010

Instument Panel Graphics

The instrument panel is now lettered.  It was ABSOLUTELY the most frustrating work I have done on the plane so far.  I spent tons of time messing with it and a few calls to tech support figuring out how to use the lettering system from Pulsar Pro FX .

When I first started, I only had about a 10% success rate after many hours or trial and errors.  After I re-reading the instructions a few times and changing my techniques, the success when up to about 60%.  A LOT more failures and I finally figured out how to make it work which was not covered in the instructions (and I surprised tech support with what I was doing) and now I am almost 100% successful.  What a PITA but it is finally done!

After lettered everything and getting it ready for shipment, my tape accidentally touched part of the graphics and removed the boarder!  Fu** 

So I made a new image and removed the damaged one and replaced it in about 15 minutes.  Cool!

The new graphic is in place!

I am going to try some clear spray sealer on a few test pieces to check the results of some abrasive tests.  I want to make sure the graphics are preserved until they get completely sealed in clear coat.

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