Apr 19 2010

SNF part 2

The second day at SNF was much like the same.   Talk to friends and checking out vendors.  It was a beautiful mild summer day with a nice breeze which was very pleasant.

I spent the afternoon talking to Chrissi (of the Cozy Girls).  She is such an interesting person and as always conversations with her sparks new thoughts and ideas for me to persue


 The promanade was not very crowded.  I think the new parking charges ($5/car), the economy and the high ticket prices seemed affect this year’s attendance.  The number of planes seemed less and I heard some of the venders elected not to show up this year.  I still enjoy the event as it is close to Charleston and I really enjoy my visit with Ed and Sue Richards.

It was nice to return home after a quick 2.2 hr flight from Tampa with all the azaleas in bloom!

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