Apr 25 2010

Guess who invited himself to dinner…?

Last Sunday, April 11th,  a hungry new friend invite himself to lunch at my place.  His name is Chomp.   Chomp stopped by to visit me while I was working in the garden Sunday afternoon.  Hum, what that little black bump on my back?   Could it be Chomp cozying himself up to me for a snack.…???   

After checking the internet I found out he is a young male”Lone Star” tick.  Lonely for a good meal for sure!  Not the kind of friend you want to invite over for a quick lunch especially when you are the main course. 

When I pulled him away from the dinner table, the first thing on my mind was what sort of nasty stuff was Chomp capable of carrying?  The next few hours was spent on the trusty internet studying ticks of all kinds.    Not exactly what the way I planning to spend a nice Sunday afternoon with a new friend. 

I was hopeful that I might dodge the disease reaction bullet …since: IF the tick has been chomping on you for a short time (less than 24 hrs) AND he has not sucked a full load of blood (he/she is small and flat and not engorged) you most likely be OK since the bacteria from the tick is usually transmitted to the host after the tick is “topped off” with blood which occurs many hours after stopping by for the meal.   

I also found you should save any tick you remove from your body “just in case” there is a reaction and it needs to be “further researched”.   You can put feed a tick lots of rubbing alcohol or wrap it a moist paper towel and put in a pill container.    I offered Chomp fine 2010 beverage direct from CVS  (actually he had lot of alcohol) and was in drunken revelery time for a short while.   Oh, that little guy liked to party!   He was kicking up a nice jig for about 5 minutes and then …well the alcohol got to him!     Don’t let anyone tell you I am not a good host!

Tuesday, Chomp and I are heading off to the Dr Walkers office  so he can check out a nasty red/black welt on my back and see whats up with Chomp.  He is still feeling the affects of the the alcohol and hasnt been himeself lately. 

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