Apr 28 2010

Lettering frustrations

I took Chomp to the doctor and alas, he is no longer with us.  He passed due to too much alcohol and has gone to the great tick heaven.   The doctor checked me out and didnt think Chomp has left any lasting reminders, but put me on medicine anyway as a “prevention” measure.  Chomp has left us but wont be forgotten for at least 10 days (when my pills are all gone).

Spent ALL FREAKEN day working on lettering 3 panels.  I HATE this lettering system.  Thought I had it mastered the techniques only to find out the weather, humidity, air temp, temp of the water, acts of God, whatever???!!!? is causing it to not work.    I WOULD NOT recommend the Pulsar lettering system.   Great idea, but it is way too touchy.  If I had  spent my time learning how to do silk screening all the lettering would have easily been done by now…  I want to spend my time building planes, not lettering.

Five hours effort for two little panels…..

I still have the main passenger panel to complete.  I will keep working at it until it is done…. 

The trash can with failed attempts… 

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