Nov 11 2009

Instrument panel cover

Today was spent working on interior panels again….  Pat wants a cover for the belly board electric motor.  I’ll show pictures of that tomorrow.  The eye brow cover for the instrument panel was also worked on.  It turns out it is actually quite complex to make due to the curvature of the canopy and the desire for a lip to hide the LED lighting.   

First, foam was glued to the face of the instrument panel.  Two thicknesses of foam was used to get the necessary thickness and the green foam allows the radius to be easily judged for consistency.


Some cardboard was placed forward of the panel and expanding foam was poured into this area and the canopy was closed.  After the foam expands and sets a perfect image of the inside of the canopy will be formed.  it will be easy to then sand the foam to a pleasing shape and glass with carbon graphite.

After using pour foam and closing the canopy, I had an exact impression of the canopy which could be sanded to make the support form of the instrument cover.


After sanding to shape.

Taped, waxed and ready for glassing.