Nov 16 2009

Arm rests

Work started back on the plane.   I finished the cover for the belly board motor.    It came out nice.  Today it was glassed to the foot rest.

The instument cover actually came out better than I expected.  The carbon graphite is incredibly stiff and it made a really nice cover.  I like the rounded look of the carbon weave. 

The cover is going to be clear coated which will make the carbon really stand out.  It will end up looking great!

I tried lighting it with the LED strip light which fits under the lip of the panel.   The lighting is nice and even.

This is the plan for the arm rest.  Typically I like to rest my arms in the strake opening.  The sharp edge of the stake is very uncomfortable on the elbow, and it occurred to me to pad not only the flat surface but some of the strake area too.    After glassing the panel it will be covered and RTV to the plane.   I use RTV in my plane to hold my arm rests which has worked out very well over the years. 

Stbd side.

Port side