Nov 19 2009

Panels are done!

I completed a quite a few items the last couple of days….  the instrument panel cover, the passenger foot rest/storage area, and the panels for the arm rests.

After presenting Pat with 8 different options, he chose this shape for the pilot arm rest area.  More cushion than needed but it is for the overall effect he wants to achieve with the plane.

Finished panel weight 8 oz. 

Stbd side.

Back seat.

Today work was started on making a O2 bottle support bracket and installing the fire control system bottle.

This was an AWWWwww SHIT today.  The cable which activates the fire suppression system is too short so it is necessary to make some sort of adaptor to lengthen the cable.   A simple tube with bushing seemed the way to go.   Good….done…   Well when I looked at routing the new cable in the plane, I f0und you can not use this method as it will not fit through a hole in the instrument panel.  I need to have a way of attaching/detaching the extention cable from the main cable.   Tomorrow, I’ll remove it and start again. I personally would use halon for fires not foam….