Oct 14 2012

Last flight of 29TM for awhile

Today was my last flight for the next few weeks.

I flew the bird over to Bob’s airport (JZI). The plane started and seemed to be normal, but I still had a same vibration. Just after flying past Cooper River bridge, I test the ignitions, and the PMag was running rough. One cylinder seemed to be missing. CRAP. What now? All had been good with the PMag until this point, then shortly after that, the cylinder picked back up and all was fine. WTF? It ran well for the rest of the day. I might have had a fowled plug, but I have reached my limit, and am now going to send the PMag back to the company for testing to make sure it is working as it should. The plane is grounded again.


This is the bird at Bob’s hangar.


Bob’s SQ 2000. He wanted some technical suggestions on how to work his inlet ducts into the cowl. I was happy to help as I enjoy spending time around this great guy.