Oct 20 2012

Bike Riding Downtown

owntown Charleston is a wonderful place to bike. Rusty and I biked about 14 miles today riding all over the city and across the Arthur Ravenel Jr.bridge.



It is hard for me to imagine, but when the bridges were being built, I flew between the two vertical supports which are 1500 ft apart. There was no decking, just two poles sticking out of the water. Duh…can you say stupid?


Normally when I fly around the city, I fly over the bridge at 700 ft and dip down over the harbor to about 300 ft or so which seems level with the walkers on the bridge (186 ft above the harbor). It is perfectly legal as you can fly at any altitude over the water, 500 ft above sparsely populated areas and 1000 ft over densely populated areas.

Anyway, we had a great time traveling the city streets, then it was off to the airport.

I finished sanding and buffing the areas I worked on the strakes when the fuel probes were installed.


Naturally the stbd side came out perfect


and the port side (which is right in my face all the time) was just a little low by .020 or.030”. As always, if I had to do it again… blah, blah.


Overall, I am very pleased with the results and will not further repair or paint the area. I like seeing the access points on the probes at they will certainly be a conversation item at the next air show I attend.