Sep 08 2009

Camp at Home

I had a fun day today!  I found my sewer is no longer working so obviously working on pPod was not going to happen.  I tried running a snake though it and at 98′ out hit a blockage I couldn’t get through.  Not a good thing. 

IMG_3438 (Small)

When I re-plumbed the house, I connected the new PVC hose piping to the existing “Orangeburg” pipe.  Funny stuff, this pipe.  Apparently after WW2, there was understandable shortage of metal for making piping hense the need for something to do the job.   Orangeburg pipe is made out of paper/asbestos coated with asphalt and was used from 1949-1970.  It had an ASTM specification and I guess was thought highly of.  Unfortunately, is it now known to have a life of about 50 years, and I would estimate mine is 40+ years old.   Time to go.  Spent the day calling contractors, getting estimates, and having my own personal port-a-potty delivered to my front door.  Woo hooo,  this is MUCH better than camping out at Oshkosh!    I think most people have a very negative opinion of port-a-john’s that come from only experiencing them at concerts or large events, but IF you are the ONLY one using it, there is no waiting in line it  is nice and clean with fresh paper while not totally pleasant, it is very nice alternative to a tree and a hand full of leaves.  The only negatives I can think of is the getting up in the middle of the night thing and having a BRIGHT yellow box sitting in my driveway.  If I had a big party at the house, I would definitely rent one.

IMG_3441 (Small)

Kind of funny, living with out sewer.  It reminds me of visits to my grandparents farm house in Missouri.  Out house, composting, chickens, gardening,  throwing the kitchen water in the yard.  I loved the smells, the great Italian food of my grandmother, riding tractors and watching grandpa milk the cow.   The positive aspect of camping out in my house  is I dont have to pump the water from a well in the yard.  At least I dont have to take a bath in a big steel tub in the middle of the yard (doesn’t everyone’s parents have a pictures of that hidden away?)   I  have now graduated from a steel tub to an exercise pool.   A little bigger tub but the same intent and final result.    

Overall, just a small change in life styles for a week or so.  I just consider it practice for the big ass hurricane which will eventually hit Charleston.  No water, electricity, sewer or phones….throw it at me baby, I am practiced and ready!

Hopefully, I’ll rejoin the mindlessly happy flusher of the world by next week..

Sep 08 2009

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