Sep 14 2009

Its all clear to me now!

One of the pleasures of purchasing a new car (besides the smell) is enjoying a windshield so clear it looks like a force field is separating you from the rest of world.     In 2006, I read an article in the paper about a local automobile glass installer (Jeff Olive) who won the USA championship, and then placed third in a world wide auto glass installation competition.  It amazes me there is a competition for just about anything. 

As I was reading the article I thought Sherman could sure use a new windshield and when it happens Jeff is the only one I would ever let do it.  This idea has been nagging at me for a year or so.    A few weeks ago while talking to a acquaintance at church, I found out she worked at Glass Pro and Jeff work at her office.  I immediately got a card and called for an appointment.  

I always hated the current 27 year old windshield since it was pitted from road sand and had wiper marks permanently etched into the surface from what I would guess was worn out wiper blades.  In addition the former owner had used RainX on the windshield which is supposed to make the water bead up.   It does not allow the water to sheet off like it should. 

Well today is the day for Sherman’s new spectacles.   Of coarse before I could take Sherman to his appointment I had to make sure he was sparklingly clean.    I thought if he was really clean, the installers would take extra care because they would know he is special!


GlassPro in Mt Pleasant, SC.  They had free soda, drink, pop corn.  Overall a very pleasant place.


Jeff and his helper busy at work.  Jeff even transferred my military vehicle decal and put it on the new windshield which saved me a 30 mile trip to the military base to get a new decal!  What great service.

  IMG_3465   IMG_3469

The work is done.   I love the way the world now just seems to sparkle though the new, clean glass.    Thanks Jeff…. 


Sep 14 2009


While working on the heating system installing screw plates  which will hold everything together, I found the nose lift cover I made would not come out with the duct system installed. 


This is intolerable as I would hate to have to take the heating system appart just to service the nose lift.  I ended up splitting the cover to make servicing easier.  It is now been cut and re-glassed.  Tomorrow, I’ll install the nut plates to hold it together.


I also took appart the control linkage system in order to install the new NACA duct system for cabin presurization and ventilation.  I had to get access to the area so the tubes had to go….


I plan to try and install the entire NACA duct from the inside of the plane to eliminate the filling and re-contouring of the outside of the plane.  This is going to be a challenge!  The ice pick is a locator which indicates where to mark and cut the outside of the plane.


Total time worked today 2.6 hrs.