Sep 23 2009

Oil Sump Prototyping Part 3

Yesterday, I continued work on the sump and made 3 fuel probes.  One for pPod and two for Toan’s plane.  It is surprisingly fast to make them.  Now if I could only get Princeton (the electronic’s part) to finish modifying their system so I can use the probes I’ll be set! 


Today, I almost finished the sump.  I want to ship it off tomorrow.  The last piece of the puzzle was the mixture control arm.  I am using a bell crank which is mounted on the shaft of the throttle butterfly.  It is mounted to a bearing so each control (throttle and mixture) can move independently even thought they are on the same shaft.  Getting the clearances and ensuring it is easy to make for a production enviroment was critical.  I designed the arm in Acad then made about six of them adjusting the size, length and angles a little at a time until an optimum combination was found.  


 The last thing to do is to mount everything, pipe all the fitting to ensure no interferences and ship it off… 


Hrs worked 8.2.