Sep 21 2009

Oil Sump Prototyping Part 2

Work continues on the oil sump.  I tired all kinds of different positions of the purge valve and flow scan which was very frustrating until I found one which I think is perfect.  What I like most about the new sump is that it is very easy to manufacture and you can remove the bracket to do maintenance on the fuel servo.   The sump only needs 8 threaded bosses welded on to attach various  components.  The long welded brackets and bell cranks of the first sump are gone and the piping layout is also simplified.  Overall this sump is much simpler, compact and eligant than the first prototype.



Tomorrow the parts from Aircraft Spruce will arrive and I can make a proper bell crank and mock up the piping.  The sump will be sent to the fabricator in Calif on Wednesday for production. 

Hrs worked 8.1