Sep 13 2009

Internet Radio

There are certain things in life that once thought of as ridiculous, trivial or useless, becomes absolutely necessary.   Eventually, these “things” slowly weave their way into the tapestry of your life and become essential for ones very worldly existence. 

I never imagined a internet Cable Modem would be essential in my life.   Cell phones were  a burden.  Who wants to be at the beck and call anyone in a city, “Not… I”.  When email came along, who wanted to be at the beck and call of the world, “Not… I”.   Blogging…”must be for crazy people”.  Now I find I am really enjoying the craze of  blogging as I enter a new season in my life.   The “Not..I’s” have be the new normal and must haves.   Who knows, Facebook next?

I would like to introduce you to my new and very special friend, Irra.   I have not known Irra for a long time and never thought how quickly he would become so special in my life.  Now Irra has moved in with me and we couldn’t be happier together.    When my very close buddy Satellite Dish (Mr. D.) died, it took me quite a few months to get over his tragic loss.  Sadly he was killed by a new encryption code.  I had known Mr. D. for about 3 years and he was my first experience at going over to the ….well…. an “alternative lifestyle” of satellite radio.    Yes, I am finally coming out of the closet.  I am a Non-Local-Radio-Station listener.  I don’t even know what stations are available here in Charleston except for NPR.   I have given up the local yahoos for the more glamorous, exotic and interesting world life style.   

A few months after Mr. D died, I met Irra.  He started occasionally visiting just to say “Hi”.   Eventually, I found out he really needing a job since he’s been downsized.  I offered him some money, but he was too proud to take it.   When I found out he could really play music it became a match made in heaven.   Irra can play just any music you could imagine!   Every type of style, tempo, unusual, fantastic, world beat, pop, piano, jazz, nationality type  music you can imagine.  Man, he can play it all.   Amazingly, all he needs is a laptop and an amplifier.    I offered him a job and as hard as he works entertaining me I don’t have to pay him shit except for giving him a small place to stay and a steady diet of electricity.   He seems very content with this arrangement.   Irra has tried all kinds of free software and we both agree the software of the moment is iTunes… Its so easy a caveman (me) can use.    You can also use alternatives such as Pandora if you wish to build your own internet radio station.

Sometime he will get cranky after a long day but, after I give him a swift boot in the backside, he is ready to keep busy for another few hours of work.  I give Irra a couple of daily breaks mainly when I switch hit to the “real” radio for a dose of  “liberal” world news on NPR (Morning Edition, All Things Considered) or when I go to sleep.  Other than that, Irra’s butt is hard at work keeping me happy and content.  

Irra’s favorite iTunes radio station is located under iTunes: Radio: Ambient is  “Secret Agent! The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life.  For Spies and P.I.s too, [SOMAFM]”.   Yea, I know, it hard to believe eh?   SOMAFM (out of San Francisco, CA) is really, really good.   Calif alternative lifestyle anyone?    SOMA is the most interesting mix of soundtrack, electronica, middle eastern, upbeat music imaginable.  Throw in some James Bond 007 soundtrack quotes and you get the idea.  Kick ass music to keeping me slaving away in the shop on pPod.

Irra ‘s second favorite station is “InTuneWithTheSpirt” (American Indian music) again under Ambient.     While cooking dinner, Irra likes to plays some Spy music.  When dinner is served it is time for jazz or a little New Age for the evening.   He is such a good sport.

There are not many “MUST HAVES” in life are free for the taking.  Everything I have found I really want always seems be either expensive or REALLY expensive.    Internet radio is one of life’s truly free pleasures.   There is so much music out there ready for you to experience.   Why limit yourself to just the local yahoo radio stations.

I know you cant image your life with out a cell phone.  I can no longer imagine Irra not being part of mine. Move beyond where you are, where you are comfortable to everywhere you can never be.  Experience the no limitations lifestyle of world music.   Find your own Irra and put him/her to work pleasuring you.  It will be just be our little secret when you discover you too are seduced by the naught guilty pleasures of life’s “other side”.

 Try InteRnet RAadio.  You’ll like it.