Mar 14 2013

Pool: Prep for second pour

A form was placed around the pool for the second and most important pour. This area received two bands of 1/2” steel re-enforcing rebar. The idea of the this pour is to counter “Hoop Stresses” This is a fancy word to describe the pressure of the water forcing the sides out. Sort of like how you have hoop bands around a wood barrow. The lower concrete band contains the bottom pressure, the midpoint band contains the stress half way up the pool sides. The two bands act together to help eliminate the outward forces on the wood framing where the strength is the least (compared to concrete) which caused problems with my first pool installation.

You can also see the how the 2” insulation is used as the part of the form. This will mean I have a continuous 2” layer of foam around the entire pool which will reduce the energy used to keep the pool warm in the winter.



I found some little sparrows were hard at work making a nest in an area of the wall which will be removed at some point. I can’t decide on what with the nest as I hate to remove it.