Mar 19 2013

Pool: Wall removal

A lot happened today. First off, I removed the original screened wall to open up the deck area. I just got tired of working around it. Unfortuantely the bird nest had to go…. The sparrows then tried to build a nest in my garage (had to chase them out) then in my eaves (had to chase them away). They certainly are persistent!





I really like the openness the removal of the wall has given the porch. It will make it so much nicer to swim and I won’t have to deal with leaves in the pool anymore. It only took an hour to remove the wall. Destruction is so much easier than construction.


The next is to cut up some of the old side pool sidewall to use as protection for the insulation around the outside of the pool. I am so glad I didn’t throw it away.


It was screwed on to the outside of the steel studs.


It really gives the outside walls a lot of protection for the foam and and provides a nice finished look.