Mar 30 2013

A break from pool work

Today was a first for me.

While bike riding in my neighborhood, I had a somewhat minor crash, but the end result was a non-displaced radial bone head fracture. Shit this really affects a lot of things in the near future.

The area which is circled is where the fracture is located. I couldn’t see it myself until the doctor pointed it out.


I ended up going to the emergency room, wearing a splint on sunday, and going to the orthopedic doctor today.

The good new is he said “if you had to have a broken bone, this is the one to get”. Yeah!!

I don’t have to wear a cast, nor go through physical therapy, just a sling around the house and he wants me to keep it moving to prevent it from getting stiff. I’ll take at easy for a while, but I am anxious to get back to work on the pool.

I ended up canceling my trip to the Bahamas, but will still go to Sun-N-Fun next week and expect to fly there.

I’ll just wait until the weekend to try flying again when my wing is a little less stiff….