Mar 21 2013

Pool: Skimmer

I had a bit of a difficult time figuring out what to do about the skimmer. I purchased a new one and it turned out to be much bigger than my first one and wouldn’t fit within the wood side wall like the first one did.

I ended up have to making an adaptor (spool) to allow the skimmer be properly placed outside the wood sides. It is made out some steel left over from doing the side walls.

I first tack welded up the steel into a box.


This is how it will look when installed though the side of the pool.


To keep it from rusting or leaking, I decided to fiberglass it. I used 2 layers of wet bid and then placed it face down on a waxed flat surface. The goal is to make a flat sealing surface.

Tomorrow, I’ll glass the other side. I have to get this right the first time as once it gets installed, it will be a bitch to get out.


The support joists for the decking is now being installed. Tomorrow it will be finished and painted.


By next week, I should have the decking installed! Cant wait!